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Burundi first day

Travelling as a group is always an interesting experience in itself. You spend a lot of time waiting around to check in, waiting to board, waiting for connecting flights. It is a mixture of chat in light mode and in serious mode. It is a time for being quiet, and even attempting to sleep – largely unsuccessfully. But it bonds the group together. I have great company on this trip. We are staying the first night in Bujumbura Diocesan Centre. Perfectly comfortable, and good food at lunch time. Then there is the fun of changing money, getting Sim cards to work etc. But right now I am at the Provincial office where the work progressing the Faith Centre is amazing. 3 years ago I stood in this large garden having a dream explained. Today it is well on its way to completion. It is a great facility being developed. I love the contrast with Health & Safety compared with our new diocesan office. There it is a bright jacket, booked time, hard hat, gloves and only stand where I am told. Here we wander around under the soon scaffolding watching men at work (actually women learning to be brickies too.
Faith Centre is the right name. Born in faith and being developed in faith. These sisters and brothers inspire me with their faith and vision for the future.
It is delightfully hot too.

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